Top 10 Apps That Turn Pictures into Cartoons

Cartoon pictures have become very popular today. Through the advance in technology, we have many apps that turn pictures into cartoons. Unlike some time back when you need to hire an artist to draw you, with these apps you can easily convert your pictures to cartoons or drawing within some seconds and just a few taps.

The cartoon pictures are very popular and I am sure if you go through the profile pictures of your WhatsApp contacts you may see one or two people who are using these cartoon pictures as their profile pictures. If are looking for how to do so, then this is the right article for you.

There are many apps that are available on our apps store either on iOS or Android. You may download some of them for free, while others too are paid. You need to pay a small amount of money to use their premium features, remove their watermark, or to download them. Paying for the premium app is just a small fraction of the amount you use to hire someone who does digital painting.

Below are some of the apps that you can use to make your pictures for both android and iOS. Hope you will like them.

Apps That Turns Your Pictures into Cartoon (Android & iOS)

1. ToonMe – cartoon from photos

ToonMe is one of the most used apps that is used to take pictures and cartoons. This app is available on both iOS and Android.

Have your picture drawn in vector or cartoon styles instantly using the power of Artificial Intelligence in ToonMe. The process that used to take days to create and could only be purchased by professional artists can now be done in a single click by creating the digital creator of your choice.

2. ToonApp: Cartoon Photo Editor

ToonApp’s cartoon maker is the most effective application to draw yourself with just one click. The cartoon maker, ToonApp offers amazing AI filters for photos to transform your photos into cartoons. 

It is possible to cartoonize images to make them into animated characters with huge heads. Start by drawing yourself, then select the character you want to participate in the big head contest, and then your cartoon is done. If you love anime characters.

This cartoon editor will become your most trusted companion with numerous effects for your digital work. Use drip effect in conjunction with cartoon filters to make your art look stunning. Create stunning caricatures with large heads to post on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Pinterest. You’ll be able to create amazing cartoons with big heads for Snapchat, TikTok, or VK!

3. Insta Toon: Cartoon & Art Cam

Make your everyday moments fashionable and cool art by using Insta Toon!
Create instant eye-catching artworks of you and the world around you.

  • Download images to Camera Roll or use the real-time camera to create your own art
  • Experience a contemporary interface with a variety of artistic styles
  • Make it your own by changing the color and texture of your work
  • Test advanced controls for the most unique results
  • Save your work as a video, a GIF, or as Live Photos
  • Export the results in various sizes: SD, HD, Full HD, or Ultra HD*

It is easy to share your work via social media platforms. Ultra HD resolution is accessible for iPhone 6 or newer / iPad Air or newer

4. Clip2Comic & Caricature Maker

Find the most effective comic filter for your photos and videos! Create hilarious cartoons or transform your favorite photo into beautiful artwork. It’s easy and enjoyable!

Clip2Comic is a high-quality image editing program that transforms your images into humorous cartoons, caricatures, and sketches in just a few seconds directly from an iPhone and iPad. Do you prefer videos? Make your own cartoons and comic videos with the live camera or create a cartoon of an existing video using just one click. 

5. Photo Lab Picture Editor & Art

Photo Lab Pictures and express Photo Editor has one of the biggest collections of funny and stylish filters and photo effects photos. Has more than 900 effects that have been added today! Amazing face-to-face photo frames, photo frames, animated effects, as well as filters for photos are available to be enjoyed by you. Make your photos look as you prefer and edit selfies. You can also do some fun face swaps or use a collage maker that includes various effects for photos and selfie, face as well as photo filter.

Make your picture or make-up look more unique in just a few seconds using this selfie-style beauty camera. You can do this without using an expert photoshop editor. You can make it an icon for contact, or wallpaper, send an autographed virtual postcard with your photo swap to a person you know, or post your artwork work on any social media network.

6. Cartoon Photo Editor: PicMagic

Based on the latest and most advanced technology, with just one swipe, you are able to apply our filters for cartoons to transform your photo into cartoon-like effects.

There are a variety of amazing effects that you can pick from including classic, pixel, sketch, dreamworld mosaic, fairy, etc.

You can alter filters’ tensity according to your preference.

7. Photo To Cartoon Yourself Edit

This program converts photos into cartoons. You can choose to take the photo from your photo album or shoot a new image using a camera and convert it into a cartoon immediately at no cost.

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  • Possibility to use images taken from the photo album.
  • The ability for the camera to be launched and capture pictures from the application
  • Send your cartoons via the application.
  • Save the cartoon to your album
  • Adjust the brightness, contrast as well as sharpness making use of the settings.
  • No expanding or shrinking images. make high-quality cartoons
  • It’s absolutely free, there is you don’t have to pay for it.

8. Artisan: Cartoon Photo Editor & Art Photo Filters

9. ToonHub – AI Cartoon Photo Editor, Toon Yourself

10. Cartoon Photo Editor

Wrap Up

Thank you for taking the time to read our post. We are happy we have been able to introduce our choice of apps that turn pictures into cartoons.

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You can share your favorite ones in the comment section below and if you have come across an amazing picture to cartoon app that we have not listed above, you can share in the comment section also.

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