How to Reset NBN Modem

Are you having problems with your broadband internet connection? Do you have a slow web surfing experience? Then sometimes it might be helpful to restart your modem or NBN connection box. You can force a re-establishment of your internet connection by restarting your NBN modem. This could speed up website load times and improve your overall web surfing experience.

Restart your NBN modem

To restart your NBN modem, follow these simple steps:

  1. Turn off both the NBN modem and wireless router for about 5 minutes.
  2. After that, you can turn on the NBN modem and you should see that the light remains orange.
  3. Now make sure the wireless router is plugged into the UNI-D1 port on the NBN modem.
  4. Turn on the wireless router and wait a few minutes and the NBN modem light should now turn blue.
  5. Now all you have to do is to test the connection and hopefully, your connection should be better.

Modem Boot Sequence

  1. White light 10 – 30 seconds
  2. Orange light 10 – 20 seconds
  3. White light 10 – 20 seconds
  4. Flashing white light 20 – 80 seconds
  5. Blue – 5 seconds or solid blue if you have a powered-on device plugged into Port UNI-D1 on the NBN modem
  6. Orange – Remains orange until a powered-on device is plugged into Port UNI-D1 on the NBN modem.

Note: Sometimes, even after restarting the NBN modem, it could take a few minutes to reconnect to the internet.

Resetting your NBN Router

If you have an NBN router and the above doesn’t work, then you will most likely need to factory reset the wireless router. You could do this by following these few simple steps:

  • Keep the wireless router powered on.
  • Locate the RESET button at the back of the wireless router.
  • Push and hold the RESET button for about 10-15 seconds. When the lights start to blink, then you can let go of the button.
  • Wait for the router to boot up again and try the connection.

Quick Help > > In case you are getting confused about the difference between a router and a modem, here’s a more simplified detail about them: > > A modem is basically a networking device that allows you to connect to the internet, and a router is used to share that internet connection. So a modem can be used as a stand-alone device but a router cannot work without a modem.

Restarting Your NBN Connection Box

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The NBN box acts as a bridge between your modem and the rest of the NBN technology, with your modem connecting directly to the box.

Sometimes restarting your NBN modem alone might not be enough, in which case you might need to restart the NBN connection box itself. To do this, you have to:

  1. Switch off the connection box or battery backup unit (usually on a wall somewhere on your premise)
  2. If you have a backup battery unit, then disconnect the power cord that connects to the NBN connection box. In case your NBN connection box has a cover, then you’ll need to remove that first
  3. Wait at least 2 minutes before plugging the battery unit back in and turning your devices back on.


That’s all folks. Thanks for reading, and I hope with the help of this guide, you will be able to reset your NBN modem, router, or NBN connection box.

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