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How to fix Siriusxm App not Working (Best Guide)

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If you are looking for how to fix Siriusxm app not working, then this is the best post for you. In this post, we will look at how to fix the Siriusxm mobile app not working error and other related errors so stay tuned.

How to fix Siriusxm App not working on iPhone and Android

Below are some of the ways you can fix the Siriusxm App not working error which many have confirmed this guide has been of help in solving this problem and hoping it will work for you as well.

Check your internet connection

The first thing you need to check is your internet connection. This may seem unnecessary but at times we underlook these small problems.

Make sure you are connected to the internet. If you are using a wifi connection, make sure you have internet access from the wifi connection. Also, if you are using your mobile data, make sure you have an internet plan that will allow you to browse the internet.

Update the Siriusxm App

Before you go to the next step, make sure you have an updated version of the Siriusxm app; this is because most developers bring new application updates to fix issues like these, make improvements, or add new features to the app.

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In order to check whether your Siriusxm app is up to date, you can easily search for the Siriusxm app on the app store if you are an iPhone user or on the play store for Android users.

If you see an Update instead of an Open button, then it means there is an update, quickly tap on it to install the latest version.

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Clear Cache and App Data

If you have tried the methods above and still have not solved the problem, I will encourage you to clear and wipe the app data. This will delete all saved data of the app from your device.

If you are using an iPhone you can clear app data by going to Settings → General → iPhone storage → Siriusxm App → Offload app → Offload app to confirm → Reinstall app.

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You can clear cache and data on your Android device by going to Settings → App Management → Apps → Siriusxm App → Storage and Data → Clear Data and Clear Cache.

Remove App from Restrictions

In some cases, the Siriusxm app stops running if there are some restrictions on its required access like the internet, file storage (read and write access), camera, or location access. Check whether each of these accesses is required and allowed if possible.

Also, there are some other apps that restrict apps access to things such as the internet, camera, and others. These include Battery saver apps, data managers, etc. Check if there is any and make sure you have whitelisted the Siriusxm App.

Final Thought

Thank you so much for reading our post, and I hope the content in this post has been able to solve all your “Siriusxm app not working” problems. You can share which of them worked for you, which one didn’t work. Your questions and contributions are welcome in the comment box.

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